Birthplace of the famous Marathi poet, Kavi Keshavsoot. It is a small peaceful village about 1 km. away from Ganpatipule. The poet's house was recently renovated and converted into a student's hostel. The Marathi Sahitya Parishad (Marathi Literature Society) has constructed a beautiful monument called Keshavsoot Smarak in memory of this great son-of-the-soil.


North of the Shastri river lies the idyllic village of Velneshwar. The quiet, coconut-fringed beach offers the visitor the ideal opportunity for swimming or just relaxing. There is an old Shiva temple in the environs which is often frequented by pilgrims. Velneshwar is the focus of attention once a year in March, when the Maha Shivaratri fair is held in honour of the God Shankar of Shiva.

Jaigad Fort

Resting on a cliff, at the entrance of the Sangameshwar river just 35 km away from Ganapatipule, is Jaigad Fort. This 17th century fort offers a commanding view of the sea and an almost unique view of Konkan village life.


Besides its scenic natural beauty and serenity. Pawas is well-known for the Ashram of Swami Swaroopanand (a spiritual leader who influenced an entire generation of Maharshtrians). A visit to this place is truly a journey through time.


On Makar Sankranti every year people of Konkan celebrate 'Marleshwar Yatra' near Devrukh. On this day wedding of God Marleshwar is celebrated. The temple is situated in a cave. Near it there is a waterfall of Dhareshwar. It is said that Lord Parshuram did the foundation of the temple. The wedding of Lord Marleshwar is performed with Goddess 'Girijadevi' of Sakharpa village. There are many snakes in the cave but have never bitten any of the devotee who came to visit this temple; in the cave, as a result the faith of devotees has increased.
The Sahyadri Mountains ranges can be seen from here.


Bhatye is on the immediate outskirts of Ratnagiri town and have worderful beach. you can camp across the bridge in BORS , amidst whispering casuarinas. Water sport facilities at Bhatye offer you some exciting options. Join the excursion to Pawas to see the Swaroopanand Swami Ashram.


The konkan is the vast, beautiful western coast .About 25 km away from Ganapatipule lies the district headquarter town, Ratnagiri. The region has a long illustrious past and is even mentioned in Indian mythology as the place where the Pandavas settled after their 13-year pilgrimage. There are three main attractions here: The Thibaw Palace, the Lokmanya Tilak Smarak and the Patit Pawan Mandir. The Thibaw Palace is where Thibaw, the last king of Burma, was incarcerated by the British in 1885. Ratnagiri was also the birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak, one of India’s greatest freedom fighters. His house, now a memorial called The Lokmanya Tilak is diligently maintained by the local community. The Patit Pawan Mandir is a much revered temple, as it is the first place of worship built for non-Brahmins by the revolutionary leader, Veer Savarkar. Today, Ratnagiri is a bustling agricultural town and also one of India’s important ports in the western region.

Fort Ratna

Nature's Miracle : - When we visit the seashore of Ratnagiri, we witness a miracle of nature. The coastline area surrounded by Mandavi Port in the city has black sand & the nearby located area of Bhagvati fort has white sand so the sea here is named as Black & White Sea.

Durg & Bhagwati Mandir

The fort ``Ratnadurg`` is at sea shore of Ratnagiri. Area is about 120 acre. The fort is surrounded by sea. It was won by Shri Shivaji Maharaj in 1670 from Adilshah. There is temple called Bhagwati Mandir inside fort. the ancient temple is very famous. During Navratra festival there is big Yatra. There is two different shores at both sides of Ratnadurg fort. One side black sand & other side white sand. So both sea shores are known as black sea & white sea.


It is a great historic museum. there are so many sculpture on Shivshai & Peshweshahi. Dont forget to visit this historic museum you will get history of maharashtra.Thousands of tourists come to see the exhibition at Dervan which gives details of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's life


The ancient Parshuram temple which is famous for the 6th 'Avtaar' or incarnation of Vishnu & is situated near Chiplun. It is located near Mumbai-Goa National high-way. There are steps from the ghat which lead to the temple. It is surrounded by stone walls & there are 3 idols in it. It was built 300 years ago by Brahmendra Swami Konkan land is known as Parshuram Bhumi. It is believed that Parshuram created Konkan land & so he is deity of the Konkan. The houses of Adilshah period are seen here. The temple was constructed by Portuguese & funds for it were provided by Janjirekar & Siddhi so European, Hindus & Muslim styles are noticed in the construction work. It is 2 Hrs. From chiplun. At this place water source was created on land by Parshuram's powerful 5 arrows. This is the Bandganga Lake.


Sequestered between the Vashishti river and Jaigad creek Guhagar is small town on the Konkan coast with a beautiful secluded beach. Miles of pristine white sand beach lined with shady Suru trees, an ancient fort reminiscent of times of yore, revered heritage temples, and mouth watering sea food, this is what Guhagar has to offer making Guhagar a great beach holiday destination.Guhagar is the first beach amongst the long stretch of Konkan beaches with white sand true to its texture unlike beaches north of Vashishti river. Guhagar is a temple town in all regards. Temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva like Vyadeshwar, Talkeshwar, Udaleshwar, Velneshwar, Balkeshwar and a temple of Ufrata Ganapati Guhagar truely lives upto its reputation.

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